Kabuki play The Thousand Cherry Trees of Yoshitsune after Sharaku

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On this painting we see actors Sawamura Yodogoro II as Kawatsura Hogen and Bando Zenji as Oninosadobo  in the kabuki play The Thousand Cherry Trees of Yoshitsune. What attracted me subconsciously to this view is similarity of characters depicted to the two of my friends who almost look the same when they are in a mood for mischief. This was something that I have realized later on.


  • Because this is original painting, it takes 2 – 3 weeks to get the government issued Consent for the Export of Works of Art.
  • Additional fee for shipping will be arranged with the customer depending upon shipping carrier.
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Technique: acrylic on canvas

Size: 120 x 177 cm (47.24 x 69.68 inch)

Year: May 2011

More info about the 100 Views of Ukiyo-e series of paintings available at my website.


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