Mother with Child after Utamaro’s Hour of the Rat


It is said that images of a woman with a child in Japanese arts come from images of Mary and baby Jesus, but I have hard time believing in it, especially when it comes to Ukiyo-e. In Ukiyo-e we observe moments of everyday life, mostly in Yoshiwara,  and this is such a view. In original view, print is in portrait form, showing mother/mistress/courtesan coming out of mosquito net, trying to get a baby to pee.

Tradition of the Floating World – Artist & Printshop, Muha @ BlackBOX is an example of how some traditions can survive through time and gain root from one culture and epoch into another one. Ukiyo-e, pictures of the floating world, are known through prints and reprints from the 17th century till now. In Japan, during Edo period, ukiyo-e prints served as mass produced posters from commoners. Usually artists would paint for print shop and then print shop would make multiple copies of the work. There was usually mutual understanding or contract between artist and the owner of the print shop, leading to the lifetime relationship.


Print based on my painting
from the series 100 Views of Ukiyo-e.
You can read more about painting here.

Printed with Canon ipf8300 ink-jet Fine Art printer.

Estimated delivery for Europe – 8 to 11 days;
Outside of Europe – 11 to 22 days.

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