The Great Wave of Kameido, Daydream 2009-2017


At one point the painting was all dark, and I couldn´t break from the darkness. One day I spotted a bird like the shape in it, and when I approached it, pull it out, it reminded me of my goofing with my son this summer. I would go out of our summer house and I would pretend that I was an owl. He would run out to look for an owl. And one day while goofing we spotted a woodpecker together. So this bird became a memory of a woodpecker. Now, the thing about Kameido is that, the plum garden of Hiroshige´s ukiyo-e is also gone. Kameido nowadays is dominated by the shadow of Tokyo Skytree. So instead of painting plum flowers, I started painting my cherry blossom over plum trees, for hanami is my fondest memory of Tokyo. When I was finished, the painting turned out to be one of my brightest and cheerful paintings I ever did. The rhythm of the flowers lay over the strings of the Great Wave and golden background is just bursting with life-force.

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Japanesque: Print based on my painting in Japanese style.
You can read more about painting here.

Printed with Canon ipf8300 ink-jet Fine Art printer.

Estimated delivery for Europe – 8 to 11 days;
Outside of Europe – 11 to 22 days.

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